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Copprep Full Course

Purchasing this course gives you 3 months of access to:

6+ hours of Resource videos

Fitness Plans
Structured fitness plans to help you meet the minimum fitness level required

Numeracy & Literacy
Instructional content and downloadable worksheets for practice.

The life of a Police officer
Information about what its like to be a Police officer and what to expect from the recruitment process.

Course structure

Each week of the COPPREP course is carefully prepared to best prepare you for the police recruitment process before moving on to new topics, and as such we recommend following each module on a week by week basis.


Includes all 5 mock tests. You do not need to purchase those separately.

Our practice tests do not attempt to replicate the exact assessments you may be asked to complete. Nor do they necessarily reflect the difficulty of actual test questions. Instead, they are intended to give you a near-similar test experience for an OPRA cognitive ability and personality assessment.


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1. The police organisation

2. The recruiting process and what to expect

3. Being a police officer and what to expect

4. Police college and what happens when you get there

5. Numeracy Skills

6. Literacy Skills

7. Phonetic alphabet

8. Treaty of Waitangi / Tiriti o waitangi

9. New Zealand laws

10. Court Procedures

11. Powers of a police officer

12. Personal Fitness plan

13. Fitness videos (recorded workouts and proper movement patterns for exercises)

14. Staying safe on the beat

15. Domestic Violence

16. Stress Management

17. Communication

18. Police Investigation Procedures

19. 5 x Practice tests (mock PETs)