Our Purpose

Helping you prepare and get through the rigorous Police recruitment process

Why use copprep?

The police is a rewarding career and with the government’s promise to bolster front line numbers, now is the perfect time to look at joining! You may be undecided, already in the recruiting process or failed the testing on your first attempt. COPPREP will be able to assist. We will provide you with all the resources you need to succeed in the recruitment process.

Not only do we prepare you for the police entry testing, we provide an insight into life as a recruit and as a sworn police constable. You will be more confident and prepared for police college and the beat life, with practical skills and knowledge gained from COPPREP.

If you decide the Police is not for you, the knowledge you will gain from COPPREP will be extremely beneficial for further study or an alternative career.

Why can the recruiting be so challenging for some?

It is no surprise that the police want top candidates. For some people, especially those who have not studied in a while, the police testing can be a challenge. There are a number of tests that an applicant must pass before advancing in the applicant pool.

The tests:

The course content takes you through everything you will need to learn to pass these tests.

+ we have included 5 mock tests so that you can be well prepared. Remember, you need to stand out, it is a job interview.

About the founders

COPPREP has been developed by former New Zealand Police officers and qualified teachers. We’ve identified the need for an easy to use, online programme to help you reach your dream of becoming a police officer.

We are passionate about helping others and we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

The NZ Royal Police training college in Porirua has a skid track for driver training, multiple 'scene of crime' houses, gym, simulators & more

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