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COPPREP prepares you for the Assessment day every candidate will need to pass to move on into the candidate pool. Have you read up on the recruitment process for the NZ Police? Once you’ve created a profile on New Cops, it’s the perfect time to start.

Once you’ve bought the course and created an account, you’ll get a welcome email that will confirm your login details. Come back to our website and login to view the material. Make sure you check your spam box for the email just in case. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Members page for additional tips and resources. 

We have designed the course to be completed after hours. Allocate approx 3-4 hours per week to complete each week. You will need time to build up your fitness however you can complete the course as fast as you want. If you can’t finish in time, you can apply for an extension.

The assessment day is hard, it’s made that way on purpose. There is a stand down period of at least 6 months before you can try again so let the team know what area you struggled in and we can tell you how the course will help. Isometrics / Fitness / Academics. COPPREP will help.

Yes! We’ve set up a private Facebook group for all our members. You can find instructions on how to join from your member login area. In the group you’ll be able to connect and learn with others preparing for assessment days and see additional content we share on the page.

The course is completely online and you will access everything you need too right here on the website. During the checkout process we ask you for you billing address but this is used for invoicing. We don’t send any physical products to you.

The course is designed for 12 weeks so you’ll have access to the course for 3 months from your start date. If you need an extension beyond that, email our support team.

Yes it sure does! We’ve included 5 full mock tests (which you can also buy as a standalone if you want). These test include psychometric, literacy, numeracy, reasoning questions and more.

Note that our practice tests do not attempt to replicate the exact assessments you may be asked to complete. Nor do they necessarily reflect the difficulty of actual test questions. Instead, they are intended to give you a near-similar test experience for an OPRA cognitive ability and personality assessment.

If you’ve forgotten your password or login details, we’re happy to help! You can request a reset here and choose a new one.

No, we are an independent course provider helping you prepare for the New Zealand Police assessment day you will need to pass before moving on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

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