Becoming a cop is tough

Prepare for Police Recruitment

12 Week programme to kick start a career in the NZ Police

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COPPREP has been developed by former New Zealand Police officers and qualified teachers.

Police Recruitment can be challenging

The course covers information on the police recruiting process, being a police officer and what to expect.

Growing Police staff in NZ Communities

The police is a rewarding career and with the government's promise to bolster front line numbers, now is the perfect time to look at joining!

Are you considering a career in the Police?

COPPREP is for people who are thinking about becoming a Police officer and want to know what’s involved in the recruitment process, what life is like as a recruit and exactly what you need to know to get in to the Police academy.

I grew up in a Police household and I know first-hand that frontline officers are at the heart of every neighbourhood, rural district, small town and big urban centre


copprep is preparing future cops

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